Salt and peper dating

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When they meet, neither Manu nor Meenkashi realise that the other person is a substitute, since they introduce themselves as Kalidasan and Maya respectively.

Manu thinks that Kalidasan is actually in love with Meenakshi, while Meenakshi thinks that Maya is in love with Manu.

On the fourth day when she was about to lose hope, her husband arrived bearing a box of chocolates!

The woman is said to have melted the chocolates and made a fourth layer, and served the rainbow of layers to her husband, sealing their bond of love forever.

Cinematography is by Shyju Kahild, whose debut was Traffic (2011).

The screenplay was written by Syam Pushkaran and Dileesh Nair. The main characters are: Kalidasan (Lal), an archaeologist; Maya (Shwetha Menon), a dubbing artiste; Meenakshi (Mythili), an IELTS student; Manu (Asif Ali), a happy-go-lucky management graduate; and Babu (Baburaj), Kalidasan's cook.

Their conversations do not go well at first, but a long-distance romance develops due to their common interest—cooking and food.

Kalidasan is a born gourmet while Maya is indulging in culinary activities in memory of her dead mother.

as well as the unique three-metre-tea at a stall in Kumbalangi.

Thus Manu and Meenakshi call Kalidasan and Maya respectively and narrate all the incidents unknown to them.

Kalidasan and Maya meet each other and their relationship begins.

It was remade in Tamil as Un Samayal Arayil and was shot simultaneously in Telugu and Kannada as Ulavacharu Biriyani and Oggarane.

Prakash Raj directed the remakes and appeared in the lead role playing Lal's character while Sneha did the role of Shweta Menon's character. Kalidasan (Lal) works in the state archaeological department in Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) and is a food lover. Manu Raghav (Asif Ali) is Kalidasan's nephew who comes to stay with him, while looking for a job.

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